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Diamond Straws Inc.

The Nations Domestic Source for Custom & Standard Drinking Straws.

About Us

Diamond Straw is a family owned and operated Straw Manufacturing Company based in Los Angeles, CA.

We are one of the Nation's Largest Straw Manufacturers and are a reliable source for custom and standard drinking straws for several Nation wide Distributors as well as national Restaurant Chains.

Fast Delivery
All Over the U.S
Short lead times 
Quality Product
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Why Choose Us?

Service , Quality and supply are the main foundations that Diamond Straw Strives on. Our customers success is one of our main priorities and we make sure we can service their needs before we give our commitments.

Once we give our commitment we will always work for thier best interest  . 


Made In U.S.A.

Our Unique Manufacturing Process

Diamond Straws manufacturing process is unmatched in the industry. With our brand new top of the line machinery we are one of the only Straw manufacturing facilities that has fully automated our process.


We specialize is Restaurant chains.

Reach out to us for your Custom Straws.
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